Missions National

National Missions

Our regional missions thru our “Family on missions” have include Summerville WV(2008), Columbiana AL(2009). These trips have included construction on houses of needy people, VBS in local communities during the day and working on houses with YOM for elderly people. Whole families got to participate in these trips, Mom & Dad as well as children. Family on Missions is a valuable tool in mentoring children. There is no better way to demonstrate missions like learning from and with Mom and Dad.


Our Youth traveled to Philadelphia PA. in 2009 and in 2012 our Youth went to Huntington WV. to work with YOM on house remodeling due to recent tornadoes. July 2004 saw our youth travel to Washington DC and work in the inner city projects with kids at a local YMCA. They did musical concerts in the park and held a VBS for children of a local neighborhood.

We are pleased to support Annie Armstrong offering which provides support for over 5000 home missionaries.