Beginning the Journey…

Last night we began our trek towards clarity. I titled this adventure “2020 Vision,” and yes, I know it’s cheesy. (But as one of our members told me, if you can’t do this on the eve of the year 2020, when can you do it?) The emphasis, however, is not on the packaging but on the process of clarifying our direction. For this post, my goal is to summarize the foundational tenets of what we’re about to do, record the results of our two exercises from last night, and then shine a light into the murkiness of the next weeks and months.

So, God’s plan for His Kingdom expansion in this world is the gospel (Jesus’ death for our sins, burial, and resurrection according to the Scriptures) poured through the life of His churches. As one such church, FBC Concord exists to glorify God through the making and maturing of disciples beginning in Concord and expanding throughout the world. God assembles His disciples – with their unique personalities, giftedness, and passions – together in these churches so that fellowship can be equipped to carry-out the plan God has for them. For FBC Concord, Vision 2020 is all about understanding this truth in our church family. We will seek to discover who God has formed (is forming) us to be. As we learn about ourselves, we will also search out exactly how our Lord desires us to accomplish His mission: glorifying Him as we make and mature disciples. Last night, I led our family through two collaborative exercises. I used these two exercises as a way to build excitement, whet our appetite for the process, and offer a glimpse of what collaboration looks like. I asked for “Hall of Fame” moments in the life of our church and for “Big Dreams” that we have for the future. What follows are two columns of our answers:

Hall of Fame                                                                       Moments Big Dreams
Starting other churches in our area                                      Kids everywhere on campus
Ongoing ministry of the gospel (baptisms)                            Young adults in the choir/orchestra
Korean ministry onsite                                                        Family members being saved
Operation “Inasmuch” all over town                                   Age-Graded choirs
Love for one another                                                          Packed Sanctuary
Hosting sports and Thanksgiving banquets                           Activities in Community
Mission endeavors locally and internationally                      Disaster relief trailer and crews
Manchurch                                                                         Double our Sunday School Classes                                                                                                                                     Mission training/execution for all  
                                                                                         Diversity of Peoples (Rev. 7)    
                                                                                         Thriving ABC Preschool
It doesn’t take much analysis to look at these answers and see some of the uniqueness of our church family. I’m excited for our future! These responses are just a foretaste of all that we are going to accomplish. Beginning next Wednesday (7/31), we’ll begin looking at our “Kingdom Concept.” We’ll examine our local context (Concord and Cabarrus County) and seek to understand the needs and opportunities there. After that, we will look at ourselves; our personalities, resources, and desires. The final exploration for Kingdom Concept will be an analysis of our leadership passion. (This is where I come in!) The overlap of these three spheres should reveal God’s unique plan for us.
Thanks for being a part of this pursuit. Let’s keep on for Jesus’ sake!
In Him,
Pastor Jim