Church and Inclement Weather

This blog serves me as a way to continue to “equip the saints for the work of the ministry.” So, most of my posts are attempts to persuade you, dear reader, to follow Christ more closely. Sometimes I share things that I see lacking in our lives. Sometimes I share things that God is teaching me, places where I notice short-comings in my own walk with the Lord. And, sometimes, I use this blog to communicate with our church family.

I am leveraging today’s blog to give you all a “heads up” for the near future (and beyond). It appears that this winter will be a real doozy and that it will start…this weekend. It will be cold, for sure, but it will also be cold and wet. And, perhaps, cold and snowy. And (yuck!) perhaps cold and icy. What makes matters worse, for yours truly, is that all of this won’t happen until the late hours of Saturday evening or the wee hours of Sunday morning.

I tell anyone who will listen that of all of the regular decisions I must make in the course of ministry, I dread most the decision to cancel church services. I never became a Pastor to cancel services, so when I must, I absolutely HATE it. I understand, however, that often remaining on schedule during inclement weather puts undue pressure on folks who ought not to be driving and walking in snow and ice.

First, please pray for me (and others who will weigh in with me) so that we would have wisdom in making these decisions. Second, ensure that you know where to look in case we do close. We will post it on our web page and register it with the local news stations. Finally, I ask you to use common sense in your own life. If it’s too difficult for you to drive and walk, please stay at home.

Let’s pray together that the Lord will turn this winter storm from us or delay it twelve hours so we can enjoy worshipping together this Sunday morning. Until then, Merry Christmas! May the Glory of the Lord shine through you!
In Him,
Pastor Jim