Days 1 & 2 – True Love Project

Last night was beautiful! Driving on Oak Island after a great evening with our Young Hearts (Senior Adults) ministry, I was stunned by the beauty of hundreds of stars I could see facing toward the ocean. To feel the breeze and hear crashing waves, very few things compare to it on this side of eternity. Coupled with this moment, I began to think about God. To know that the God of the universe, who creates such wonder and beauty, loves me is overwhelming. However, his love is not for a man who is anywhere close to perfect. He loved and saved me, and I didn’t deserve it. He chose and adopted me into His family, and I didn’t earn it.   Students, God loves you and He showed us His love in Jesus Christ. Although we had sinned and could do nothing to save ourselves, He came and gave His life in our place upon the cross and took the judgment upon himself that we right deserved. However, He is not dead, but alive and reigns as the Lord of all! If you have repented of your sins and trusted Jesus Christ alone for your salvation, you belong to Him. You are a child of God. Therefore, as we begin this journey, make sure to read 1 Peter 2:9-10 and the devotional reading from Day 1 (Monday) and be reminded to find your identity only in Christ. I know it’s tempting to be defined by our peers but let your relationship in Christ define you. Pursue purity today, knowing who you are and who He has called you to be.     In Day 2, you will be challenged by the love of God. Make sure to read Hebrews 12:1-2 (Day 2) and the devotional provided by Clayton and Sharie King. God’s love for you is consistent. He never fails and He’s always faithful, even when we are unfaithful. God’s love for you is not based upon your deeds, but His perfection. If you have fallen short in the area of purity or you feel the struggle of temptation, begin today by reminding yourself of His love for you in Jesus Christ. Repent and confess any sin and let your relationship with Jesus Christ determine your identity. I’m praying for all of you and I look forward to walking this journey together in Christ. Blessings.

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