Force-Fed Religion?

 It’s quite possible you’ve heard the notion that Christians “force religion down the throats of others.” At this moment, we confess that at times over the centuries some in the name of Christianity have very well use power to force supposed conversion (emphasis added). However, in observing the ministry and teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ, we witness that Jesus didn’t conquer by force, but by engaging hearts! Even Napoleon, the renown French Emperor took note that Jesus was a different kind of king with a different kind of kingdom. Even when standing before Pilate, Jesus declared that his kingship had nothing to do with force-fed religion but had everything to do with finding willing followers. Even when Jesus was falsely accused or mocked, he never fought back and didn’t push himself on anyone.

Therefore, as Christians, we respect any individual’s right to trust Jesus or reject him. In Christianity, conversion only comes by faith in Jesus Christ. Nobody is a Christian simply because of their birthplace, family, or culture. Nonetheless, we are instructed by our culture that we shouldn’t consider people from other faiths as lost because they don’t believe in Christ. As Christians, we do affirm freedom of religion, but we resist the “tolerance” culture that wants to suppress or ultimately eliminate Christian evangelism. We are called to proclaim the good news and make disciples! Asking Christians not to do so is denying his or her own faith.

Therefore, since faith doesn’t come by the sword, no one should every be compelled by might to believe in Jesus. This truth contrasts with other major world religions, including Islam. In many Islamic countries, it’s illegal to share the gospel or even criticize the Koran or Mohammed. Although pressure comes at Christians from other religions and culture, we should continue to share Christ knowing that God wants to change the heart of individuals in order that he or she responds to him out of love.