Local MissionsLocal Missions 

These Deacon lead ministries are a major part of our missions focus. We look forward to serving within the shadow of our steeple because this allows us to display the greatness of Christ to our fellow man, many of whom we don’t know and may never see again this side of heaven. Projects for families and individuals in our community provide us with ample opportunities to serve our Lord by serving his people. We meet peoples needs where they are, then doors are open to give these people real lasting help. Help only Jesus can provide.
This year we continue our local ministry with our “Thanksgiving Day Community Meal”. Our “Handy Man Ministry” started in 2012 to the people of our church that needed help with projects they couldn’t do or couldn’t afford. This has recently spread to other neighborhoods around our church
We are blessed to continue a ministry with other churches called “My Father’s House” which is a ministry to local homeless families through the Cooperative Christian Ministries organization. Our community outreach doesn’t stop there because in 2014 we started a ministry called “Agape Bags for the homeless“. This is a ministry that allows different groups in our church to prepare gallon sized ziploc bags with items for different times of the year such as protein bars, gloves, toboggans and socks for the winter and  sunscreen, bottled water, soap and a cap for the summer. We distribute these to our church members. They in turn pass these out as our church body cross paths with homeless people as they go thru their daily routines.
 Football Meals
FBC embarked on an exciting new ministry in the fall of 2014 by starting the “Pre-Game Football Meals” for local high school football teams. This gives us an excellent opportunity to serve young men AND present the Gospel.
 Pregame football meals for high schools as we share the Gospel
Also, our youth attend local high schools that have “Bible Clubs”. These clubs are supported thru local donations. Our church has been face to face with some of these teachers and realize that they are the only Jesus these kids see in high school. FBC is committed to helping these teachers spread the Gospel any way possible.
We are fortunate to be able to support a local AWANA missionary and his family along with The Baptist Sharing House and the Benevolent Fund all of which reach people who have immediate needs concerning finances, food and clothing.