Priority Placement: Making Christ and His Bride #1

What is our purpose? Is there meaning to this life we live? What should be our top priority? These are questions asked often by those outside of the church but should not be questions we ask inside the body of Christ. Why? Simple. We already know our answers but in our cultural context we often forget them. We become side-tracked by the pleasures of this world while forgetting about our responsibility to the building of the kingdom to come. From fantasy football to youth travel sports, dance competitions to scholarship chasing, we’ll place our time, talents, and resources squarely in the box of things that are temporal while neglecting things which are eternal. While none of these things may be intrinsically wrong, they place an inappropriate and unnecessary emphasis on living our best life now instead of preparing for the best life God has planned for eternity.

As “Christians” here in America, particularly in financially upper and upper-middle class demographics, we have forgotten the powerful impact of the choices we make. We sit back and wonder why our kids care nothing about Christ and His Word but never manage to make family worship and corporate fellowship a priority. We ask why the church rolls are shrinking and immorality seems to run rampant but we fail to serve the local body and invest Biblically into the next generation. Often times we will find our niche in church and never move past that one area of serving. We’ll explain that “we’re just too busy” or “I’m past that point in life”; as if God somehow issues passes to the busy and retired. Scripture never indicates that we are to abdicate our roles as members of the body of Christ and yet we do it with flippant ease.

On the opposite side of this coin we often see those in lower financial demographics exercising their responsibility as members of the body of Christ with fervor and love. Perhaps it is because they don’t fully know the trappings of this world which accompany financial success or maybe they simply have a better understanding of finding their joy in Christ instead of chasing the world for temporary happiness. Whatever the case may be there is no doubt that they often exhibit more faithful service to the Kingdom of God than others in the body. While it would be easy to simply brush this reality to the side and exclaim all the “good our giving does for the church” it would completely miss the truth of Scripture. God wants us to be wise stewards of the resources He has given us but nowhere in Scripture does He indicate that this should come at the expense of our serving and loving like Christ.

At the wise old age of 32 I know enough to know that I don’t know enough, but these things I know. God is not interested nearly as much in my bank account as He is in my heart. God is not nearly as impressed by my giving as He is by me involving my family and myself in the body of Christ and serving His children. God is not nearly as thrilled by my ability to squeeze everything onto the calendar, so my child has the best opportunities in the world, as He is thrilled by me daily leading my family to the throne in worship and adoration of the Most High God. In short, God is not pleased by my succumbing to the trappings of this world. He is pleased when I make Him a priority, when I make His church a priority, and when I follow His command to “Go and make disciples of all nations!” So my encouragement to you is simple: stop wasting your time on things and start spending time with God and His people; it’ll change your life!
In Christ,
Pastor Joe