Thursday, October 30, 2014

Romans 1:18a
(Read Romans 1:18-32)
“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men…” God’s wrath, as described here, is his holy reaction to sin. As well, in this verse, it’s directed to a particular action: the suppression of truth. Human beings have knowledge about God because God has revealed his existence and his “divine qualities” through the world he has created. Since God revealed himself through creation, human beings have no excuse before him.

      What is the action of human beings? Instead of worshipping God, they put up their own “god” in his place. What is God’s response? He “hands them over” to the consequences of the choice they have made. We as human beings are prone to turn away from God because of our sinfulness and this leads to an ever-increasing cycle. One of consequences is sinful sexual relationships. These include homosexuality and lesbianism, along with additional immorality. Since human beings do not approve of God’s knowledge, he hands them over to “unapproved” minds. Sin affects our affection, senses, and our very thinking. In turning away from God, we act in ways we should not. For this reason, human beings deserve punishment: spiritual death.

       In reading this passage, it not only reveals our hopelessness outside of the gospel, but the truth that we are prone to put something in the place that God alone deserves in our lives? Where do you the primary part of your time, energy, or money? Could these possibly point to idols in our lives? As Christians, we need to be on guard against the temptation of idolatry in our own lives.

      In addition, this passage raises one of the most divisive issues in our country right now: homosexuality and lesbianism. In reflection, I would like two relate some thoughts which could be helpful in thinking through these issues. Since God has given over these human beings to an “unapproved” mind, then obviously they are not going to view their sexual actions as sinful and wrong. This means that if we “shout” how wrong they are and how corrupt they are, they are NOT going to change their minds because their mind is depraved. We are called to love our enemies and if we ever hope to “change” these individuals, it’s not going to be by our doing. Changing someone’s affections and thoughts is a work of the Holy Spirit. What we are called to do is proclaim unto them the gospel and show sincere love toward them. This doesn’t mean we accept their lifestyle as acceptable, but that we acknowledge that if it wasn’t for God’s grace, we could be in the very same condition.

I pray this blog encourages in your relationship with Jesus Christ. God bless.

Aaron Edwards

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