Trust God and Let Him Rule!

Make sure to take time to complete days 3-5 in the devotional book before moving forward this week with days 6-10. Especially, go back and read “Day 3: The Choice.” The question at hand in Session 2 (The Cost of Ownership), correlates with the challenge from this devotional: Who is in control of your life? This question is not only an issue of sexual purity, but in every area in your life. Ladies, if you give your life to Jesus and trust Him, He will give you back so much more. God has a plan for you and God will provide for you, but you must trust Him. He cares for you and the boundaries He has provided for you are meant to protect you out of His love. Guys, only Jesus as Lord in your life can satisfy you. As guys, we have been deceived at times, believing that a girl can make us happy or complete. However, only God can bring true joy and wholeness in our life. Therefore, let’s make Him the ruler of our lives and give Him everything. God bless.

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