Whom do you Trust in the Midst of the Battle? (Read Psalm 3)

Life is a spiritual battle! Life is a struggle! Our Bibles do not ignore this. This has been true ever since the fall of man. David, the former king of Israel and beloved Old Testament person, was not immune to a battle either. Following David’s adultery with Bathsheba, life began to go downhill for David. So far downhill that even his son, Absalom, turned on him, won over many hearts in Jerusalem, and forced David to leave his own palace. These series of events are recorded in 2 Samuel 15-19, but his response to this battle is recorded in Psalm 3. In this personal prayer, in the midst of impending danger, i.e. a battle, he begins to complain about his enemies, but then turns to God in confidence and assurance that he will give him the ultimate victory.
The enemies, according to 2 Samuel 16, have risen up against him and they hope that God will not give him the victory (3:1). They believe that after his adultery, God has deserted him (3:2). Nonetheless, in the midst of this complaint, he turns his eyes from the enemy to God and declares that he is his protector, glory, and “lifter of my head (3:3).” He “cried aloud” knowing that God would answer his prayers (3:4). This is why he can make the gesture of trust in verse 5: “I lay down and slept; and woke again. For the Lord sustained me.” David knew that sleep was possible in an impossible situation. His trust in God banished his fear though literally thousands surrounded him (3:6). David knew that victory could only be achieved if God fought (3:7). With his presence, God would annihilate his enemies. That is why the psalm ends on this high note: “Salvation belongs to the Lord; your blessing be on your people (3:8).”
Although all of us don’t face the physical battles like David did, the New Testament explains that we are in a spiritual battle and struggle against evil as Christians. Considering this, it’s interesting to note that this prayer was a

morning prayer by David. If you know that tomorrow morning when you wake up that you will have troubles to face or enemies or even remotely aware of the possibility that problems may lie ahead that you are completely unaware of, I would encourage you to do as David did and redirect your attention to God. God, in everyday and every way, is our protector, deliverer, the one who answers our prayers according to his will in the midst of the struggle. When the day ends, you can sleep. Why? Because the day has ended and life resumes tomorrow because God is our continual sustainer. When you lay down tonight, I pray that your heart be filled with gratitude and trust, realizing that God has brought you through the day. This spiritual practice is not to deny worry or anxiety. Any of us can be stressed and fret over the issues we face daily. However, we can trust God and have thanksgiving in our hearts because he is our deliverer, shield, and glory. I would encourage you in concluding this blog to pray for God’s victory and to see that God sustaining you each and every day is a victory within itself. Blessings.

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