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November 22
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Session  30

Welcome to First Baptist Church Concord!
Welcome! If this is your first time to our site, please allow me to give you a quick overview.
This website should provide you with three essential sets of information. First, you can find out About Us. Our staff, our beliefs, even a bit of our history are all available to you. Second, you can learn how to Connect with Us.
You can see our contact information, our worship times and schedules, different ministry opportunities, and special events. Finally, if you want to hear one of our Sermons, they are available here, too.
If you are here “scouting” us out to see if First Baptist is a church you would like to visit, please accept our invitation to come and check us out in person. Chances are, we are just like you; imperfect people connecting with our perfect Lord Jesus through worship and ministry. Come and see!
If you are a “regular” here, thanks again for coming. Enjoy yourself, and let us know you were here! May God bless you as you walk with Him!
Pastor Jim
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