—Helpful Links

Love Worth Finding – Adrian Rodgers: Known for his unique ability to simplify profound truth so that it can be applied to everyday life, Adrian Rogers was one of the most effective preachers, respected Bible teachers, and Christian leaders of our time. www.lwf.org
John MacArthur: Dr. John MacArthur’s church website with link to “Grace To You” radio and tape ministry. Also lots of resources for topical study. www.gracechurch.org

9 Marks of a Healthy Church: A website committed to the biblical health of local churches. Led by pastor and author, Mark Dever, the 9 marks website provides various articles and audio messages pertinent to the local church, as well as book reviews and reading lists for both pastors and laymen. www.9marks.org

The Way of the Master: An evangelistic website that teaches believers how to share the gospel the way Jesus did. Click on this link to learn how to share your faith biblically with anyone whether they be family members, co-workers, or strangers. www.thewayofthemaster.com

Bible Study Tools: Click here if you need some help studying the word of God. This site offers a number of excellent tools such as commentaries, dictionaries, encyclopedias, lexicons, history resources, and a variety of Bible translations. You can even click a button and have the sight read the scriptures to you! We pray that these resources will help you discover more vividly the glory of God in the face of Christ on every page of His word. www.bible.crosswalk.com

Creation & Apologetics: Answers in Genesis website. Whether you are looking for scientific support for your faith or answers to questions about God and science, Reasons to believe exists for you. Site offers excellent resources for the Creation/Evolution debate, the Bible and Science, Astronomy picture of the day, and much more. www.answersingenesis.org

Got Questions?  With over 1,200 answers to frequently asked Bible questions published online, this website has most of your questions already answered and available to you instantly.  www.gotquestions.org

Setting Captives Free: A website dedicated to freeing men and women from the sinful bondage of sexual immorality, pornography, homosexuality, drug/alcohol abuse, overeating, and gambling. With the Word of God at its core, this site offers free online courses for all of the above addictions as well as books and audio messages pertinent to each struggle. www.settingcaptivesfree.com

To Every Tribe: A church-planting ministry to the unevangelized regions of Mexico and Papua New Guinea. This website is dedicated to mobilizing and equipping existing churches to become missionary-sending bodies. www.toeverytribe.com

C. H. Spurgeon: The largest collection of Spurgeon resources on the World Wide Web. Access C.H. Spurgeons writings, photos, biography, and much more. www.spurgeon.org

Reaching Catholics for Christ: Mike Gendron’s site offers many resources on how to lead our Catholic friends to the true grace alone, faith alone, by Christ alone gospel. Purchase resources, sign up for his free news letter, make plans to attend his next conference. Mike is internationally known for his excellent work.  www.pro-gospel.org

Dr. Wayne Mack: Dr.Mack provides training and resources to strengthen you and your church. We do counselor training conferences and marriage and family and Christian Living seminars all over the world. We also develop and distribute biblically based practical books, audio and video tapes on counseling, theological and Christian living subjects. Wayne is a former elder of Grace Community Church with Dr. John MacArthur.  www.mackministries.org

Donald S. Whitney: This site provides a myriad of resources to help the believer and the church pursue the disciplines that lead to godliness including articles, books, and sermons by Dr. Donald Whitney of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. www.spiritualdisciplines.org

Safe Eyes: Need help controlling you or your child’s internet access? Safe Eyes is an extremely thorough software program that allows you to restrict internet access by categories, key words, phrases, time spent online, and it even provides alert notifications when filtered sites have had attempted access. www.safeeyes.com

Covenant Eyes: A website that is dedicated to helping men and women break the grip of internet pornography. Covenant Eyes provides software that installs on your PC to log your web surfing, store the data on their servers, and generate reports that are sent to the accountability partners you choose. www.covenanteyes.com

K9 Computer Software: This is a FREE software download to protect and limit exposure to websites of your choosing. Once downloaded, settings can be changed to block or provide a time limit to one or more websites. 5 setting choices allow for you to view internet activity at a minimum or to completely block websites depending on content. www.k9webprotection.com